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Frequently Asked Questions

Important Uniform Note:
  • Effective January 1, 2022, shoulder pads for boys’ field players must be designed for lacrosse and meet NOCSAE standard ND200.
  • Effective January 1, 2021, boys' and girls' goalie chest protectors must be designed for lacrosse and meet the NOCSAE standard, ND200.
  • All chest protectors and shoulder pads must contain the NOCSAE logo and SEI certification mark on both the packaging and the product to be legal for play!
Please see the link below for more information:
Lacrosse Chest Protector FAQ | US Lacrosse (

What is the BOYS Conference Teams (CT)?

The Conference Teams will be our "house" teams. All boys will play on one of the Conference Teams. All Conference Teams will be evenly split to follow the structure of the rest of the teams in the league. Playing time will be equalized as much as possible.

What is the BOYS Tournament Team (TT)?
The Tournament Teams will be our travel teams. These teams are in addition to the Conference Teams.  Boys who are interested in playing on a Tournament Team will have tryouts in the spring. The Tournament Teams will play in 2-3 additional tournaments through the season in addition to the local tournament with their Conference Team. They will also have one more practice per week.  

The Tournament Teams will have an added fee above the regular season fees.  It will be also be a requirement that boys on the Tournament Team register with US Lacrosse since many tournaments now mandate this.  The fee for registering with US Lacrosse is not included in the registration cost for the team.  Tournament games will be very competitive and playing time is NOT equal or guaranteed. It should be expected in close games that not all players will be given playing time. For other games that are not close, every attempt will be made to allow playing time for the more novice players. Expect travel with these teams as well as weekend stays.

How much does it cost to play?
Girls 2/3/4 - $155
Girls 5/6 - $230
Girls 7/8 - $280

Boys 1/2 CT - $90
Boys 3/4 CT - $170
Boys 5/6 CT - $245
Boys 7/8 CT - $265

Boys 5/6 TT - $165
Boys 7/8 TT - $165

When does the season start?
Indoor practices start mid-February for both boys and girls (not all levels).  Please note that indoor practices (all before spring break) will happen on different nights.  We are at the mercy of availability of gym time and field time.  There are no set nights for boys or girls when we practice indoors. 

What nights are practices typically (after spring break)?
Girls practice on Mondays/Wednesdays.
Boys practice 2 days a week: Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday

What days are games typically?
Girls have games on Tuesdays/Thursdays.
Boys have games 1 day a week: Mondays, Tuesday, or Wednesday

What equipment is needed to play?
Girls: Lacrosse stick, eye goggles, and mouth guard.
Boys: Lacrosse stick, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder/chest pads, helmet, protective cup, and mouth guard.

That's a lot of equipment to purchase!  Do I really have to purchase all of that equipment?
For the safety of your child, ALL of the equipment listed above is required for all practices and games.  New and/or expensive versions of the equipment is not necessarily required.  Starter equipment is available online and at most sports stores.  Starter and used equipment is typically available at merchants such as Play it Again Sports.  For older divisions (boys and girls), specialty goalie equipment is provided for all teams except the 7/8 teams (because most players have their own equipment at this level).  The CYLC provided goalie equipment conforms to the chest protection requirement (NOCSAE standard ND200) for goalies for all Lacrosse ages.

Please email us at [email protected] with any additional questions.

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